Saturday, 18 February 2017

Why is Advertising Important?

Why is advertising important? As a businessman why should I invest in it? How will it help in the growth of my business?

As a businessman all these queries revolve in your head. Advertising agency helps in reaching and communicating with your customers through various channels. To make customers aware of the brand or the product. It can be done by using various mediums like print media, social media and with different methods and techniques. Across the globe, the internet is used as an advertising medium because it captures a bigger market.

Building strong relationships with customers is important for both new and existing businesses. Advertisements have to be clear in regards to the information the business wants to convey to the people so that they are not confused with the products and services offered. Following are the main objectives of advertising
1. Trial: The companies which are in their introduction stage generally opt for trial. Because the product is new and has to convince the customers flashy and attractive ads are chosen so that the customers give attention to the product and purchase it for as a trial.
2. Brand preference: Once the product is familiar to the customers, next is to make it preferable to the customers. The advertiser can use different ways to pull customers like discount sale, some renovation on packaging or new advertise
3. Repeat: This objective is about making the customers to stick with the product. Recurring the purchases and to keep it sustained in the market and that includes having to come up with new advertisements and strategies.

Advertising is important for any business as it helps build an image building of the brand. Advertising helps businesses as well as customers in various ways. With the help of advertisement, customers can differentiate one product from all other brands. If the brand is well advertised customers can connect to it and that in turn helps in building trust.
When advertising of the brand, products or services is done effectively, it increases the sales. Advertising is the creative way of communicating to the customers. It requires great convincing power with good communication skills. It plays a very crucial role in the long run for a business.

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